Groovy Podcast Ep. 31, Live from Gr8Conf US

July 29, 2016

Groovy Podcast, live from Gr8conf in Minneapolis, MN.

Includes a panel discussion with multiple speakers and participants. Includes reviews of several talks, like Reactive Grails, Geb testing, Ratpack, and the infamous "Stupidly Impractical DSLs" featuring the Dane Cook Bot.

Gr8conf agenda:

Show notes:


Groovy Podcast Ep. 30

July 6, 2016

Review of new releases and upcoming plans for Gradle 3, Grails 3.2, and Groovy. Also discuss featured talks at the Gradle Summit, including the Lint plugin and the Shadow plugin, as well as the new Kotlin capabilities.

Includes a new Grails Quickcast on generating scaffolding with Angular, and articles about using React with Grails and Building Alexa Skills with Grails.

Finally, a demo of the new Gradle build scan capabilities, as well as the upcoming composite builds.


Groovy Podcast Ep. 29, Live from the Gradle Summit

June 23, 2016

We talk to Luke Daley, Schalk Cronjé, and Marco Vermeulen, live at the Gradle Summit in Palo Alto, CA. Topics include future developments in Gradle, including the new scan capabilities and the Kotlin support.


Groovy Podcast Ep. 28

June 2, 2016

Live podcast from Gr8conf in Copenhagen, with Jochen Theodorou, Cédric Champeau, and Guillaume Laforge. Topics include talks at the conference, the future of Groovy, a bit about Gradle adopting Kotlin, and more.


Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Cédric Champeau

May 25, 2016

Ken talks to Cédric Champeau (@CedricChampeau) about his career in Groovy, including becoming a core committer, working at Pivotal, and now at Gradle, Inc. The discussion also includes the recent move by Gradle to support the Kotlin language in builds and plugins.


Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Ryan Vanderwerf

May 17, 2016

Baruch talks to Ryan about integrating Groovy with hardware, including Amazon Echo and Alexa and Lego Mindstorms. Both will be the subject of talks he's giving at Gr8conf in Copenhagen.


Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Soren Glasius

May 16, 2016

Baruch talks to Soren about the agenda and preparations for the upcoming Gr8conf in Copenhagen


Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Noam Tenne

May 10, 2016

Baruch talks to Noam Tenne about his talks at the upcoming Gr8conf in Copenhagen. Topics include using Ratpack on Docker, as well as the latest edition of the Groovy Puzzlers.


Groovy Podcast Special Edition: Jenn Strater

May 6, 2016

Discussion with Jenn Strater about her upcoming talks at Gr8conf EU, her activity in the field, her upcoming Fulbright Scholarship in Denmark, the Gr8Ladies group she co-founded, and experiences of women in the industry


Groovy Podcast Ep. 27

May 5, 2016

Discussion of HTTP Request library and Gradle lint plugin. Ratpack releases 1.3.0 and more. New Ratpack tutorial available.

Good docs on JSON views in Grails, also highlighted in the OCI Grails team blog. Pointer to Grails Slack channel and sign-up form.

Gradle newsletter available, and Gradle 2.13 has great performance improvements and the addition of composite builds.

GPars web site now contains all docs.

Profits from "Learning Ratpack" go to Gr8Ladies organization.

Show notes: