Groovy Podcast Ep. 63, S02E13

August 31, 2018

Ken Kousen @kenkousen and Jenn Strater @codeJENNerator talk about the latest news from the Groovy programming language ecosystem


Groovy Podcast Ep. 62, S02E13: Interview with Fosso Arcel

August 22, 2018

Interview with Fosso Arcel (@Kraulain), the organizer of the GR8DI program that manages internships for Groovy developers working on their university degrees in Cameroon. The gofundme campaign site is 

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Groovy Podcast Ep. 61, S02E12

August 16, 2018

On this episode of the Groovy Podcast, @kenkousen and @jbaruch talk about new releases of Groovy and Gradle, new Grails Quickcasts, a welcome to the GR8DI interns, and more.

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Groovy Podcast Ep. 60, S02E11

July 27, 2018

Ken Kousen talks to Groovy core committer Paul King about Groovy 2.5 and the upcoming 3.0 versions. Live from Gr8Conf in Minneapolis, MN.


Groovy Podcast Ep. 59, S02E10

July 13, 2018

Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky talk about the new release of Groovy 2.5.1, as well as Paul King's roadmap for the future. More samples from Mr. Haki, more Grails Guides, more examples of Groovy in the marketplace, and just more.

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Groovy Podcast Ep. 58, S02E09

June 7, 2018
News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem, with your hosts Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky. Topics include the Groovy 2.5.0, Griffon 2.15.0, and Gradle 4.8 releases, as well as the milestone release of Micronaut, and more.

Groovy Podcast Ep. 57, S02E08

May 9, 2018

Special edition of the Groovy Podcast with Trisha Gee, Java Champion and Developer Advocate at JetBrains.


Groovy Podcast Ep. 56, S02E07

May 8, 2018

Hosts Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky discuss the latest versions of Groovy, Grails, and Gradle, as well as releases of Picocli, GMaven Plus, and H2GIS. Includes a "spirited" discussion of the "State of Java 2018" survey, upcoming Grails training events, and more.


Groovy Podcast Ep. 55, S02E06

May 8, 2018

Long lost Groovy Podcast recorded live at DevNexus 2018 on Feb 1. Hosts Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky talk to Andres Almiray about Griffon, Desktop Java, the JCP, and more, hosted by Night Hacking


Groovy Podcast Ep. 54, S02E05

April 19, 2018

Live Groovy Podcast from the Devoxx France conference. Host Baruch Sadogursky interviews Guillaume Laforge and Cedric Champeau about the future of the Groovy programming language