Groovy Podcast

Groovy Podcast Ep. 39

December 22, 2016

News and views from the Groovy programming language ecosystem, hosted by Ken Kousen and Baruch Sadogursky. Discussions about the latest Grails release, plus the fact there are now over 200 Grails 3 plugins available. Notes about the new Ersatz mock HTTP server library, by the same people behind the HTTP Builder NG project.

Also included are a list of G3 Summit talks, some with videos available, a video series on new features in IntelliJ 2016.3, and improvements to the sdkman system, including the new "outdated" command to update all your outdated resources. Then some comments about Grails guides, the new Parrot parser coming in Grails 3, the GradleTest plugin for testing Gradle plugins, and Guillaume Laforge's presentation on analyzing half a million Gradle build files at GitHub.

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